Amsure – Crown, manages and provides a complete property management service for both residential and commercial properties. Our management team is experienced, reliable and enthusiastic and provides efficient service, advice and assistance to both landlords and tenants by creating a personal and professional relationship.

We engage proven tradespeople, we also utilise a fully computerised trust accounting management system to ensure the property and it’s accounts are well maintained and are accurate. Each month rental monies are deposited into clients nominated bank account for immediate access. It’s as simple as that!


  • To ensure all our clients are afforded the best service available within the industry
  • To give our clients “Peace of Mind” that their property is being managed professionally
  • To have extensive knowledge of local and current market rentals
  • To keep our staff well informed and trained in industry related matters
  • To show that customer service is the highest priority
  • To ensure that all documentation is completed accurately
  • To ensure our tradespeople are all competent, licensed, insured, trustworthy and competetively priced
  • To ensure monthly statements are accurate and dispatched to owners promptly
  • To maintain an efficient database in a way that will be able to track all rental enquires


Below we provide an example of a very good reason to have Landlord Property Insurance. [Courier Mail 27th June 2003] Tenant awarded $1.2 Million payout for back injury.

A woman who injured her back when she tripped on a hole in a carpet sued her landlady and won $1.2 million in damages yesterday.

The Supreme Court in Brisbane was told Donna Marre Muir, now 45, had fallen in the hallway of a house in Gamenya Drive, Chatswood Hills, in December 1990.

She had landed on the bathroom floor and sustained a serious injury.

Muir sued the owner of the rented house, Marion Gail Hume, claiming her injuries were caused by Hume’s or her agents failure to take reasonable care for Muir’s safety.

She claimed that the carpet had been allowed to remain in a dangerous state, that it had not been repaired after requests to do so and that no interim measures had been taken to ensure that the carpets would not be tripped over.

Hume’s lawyers disputed the claims and also claimed that Muir had caused, or substantially contributed to her own injury by failing to keep a proper lookout.

Justine John Helman found that, by failing to replace or repair the hall carpet at the entrance to the bathroom, Hume had failed to provide and maintain the house in good tenable repair. He said Hume had therefore exposed Muir to risk injury.

Justine Helman assessed damages which included $450,000 for past and future care, $220,000 for loss of future earnings $147,199 in interest, and $93,852 in special damages.

He gave judgement for Muir against Hume in the sum of $1,248,402.00.

We draw your attention to Landlord Property Insurance. We recommend all owners enquire as to the policies offered with various insurance companies.